Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still waiting on Mac support from Sentilla

So I got a Perk pack at JavaOne this year and I am told the wait for a OS X/Linux developement tool is nearly over. Got an email from Spence at Sentilla saying we should have something in 1-2 weeks.

Looking forward to working with this system, still a big cloud over how much each mote will cost for production purposes. I was told I could perhaps buy perk kits after JavaOne; but don't want to commit until I have had some time to play. To be honest after talking to more than a few Sentilla sales people I am not sure they knew quite how they were going to deliver this stuff.

That being said the Java API they provide looks really promising. Nice use of Generics and the JScience API allow you to get typed "temperature" values back for example. The cloud networking protocols are also really easy to work with.

I hope they get there tools delivered and their pricing policy more defined soon. Otherwise they are going to remain curious toys.


je said...

I am interested in purchasing a perk kit, would you be willing to sell yours?

Gerard Davison said...


It is still in its original packaging if your are still interested. Make me an offer.