Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a useful tip for passing in XJC command line parameters to wsimport

As the JAX-WS tools build on top of the JAX-B tools it is sometimes nice to be able to apply some of those customizations when building web services. This is quite easy it seems. Can't think of a use for it today; but is probably one of those things used to get out of a hole later on.

Consuming fault messages with JAX-WS

As I discovered whilst writing my presentation for Jazoon due to a programming error it was not possible to consume a SOAP Fault message using JAX-WS. You have to write a servlet instead. It looks like a fix for this is going into JAX-WS 2.1.5. This is good news although I can't seem to see the revision in the source code browser to check it will work.

Monday, September 22, 2008

JavaSpecialists.eu Patterns Course

I spent the end of last week on a Patterns course given by Dr Heinz of JavaSpecialists fame. Although I have used patterns for nearly all of my career it seem like a good oppotunity to revise what I though I already new. Not something you really get a chance to do day to day.

In general the course was well presented and Dr Heinz is a good speaker. I suspect that I could personally have done with more detail on different ways on implementing patterns; but we were in a mixed group so he could only go into so much detail. It was also useful to talk over the motivation for each pattern and it put a few things straight in my head.

We did the entire course using JDeveloper, and although I did log some bugs things are looking pretty stable these days. Dr Heinz did say he liked the expanded layout that is unique to the JDeveloper modelling tools. I wrote the original version of those, although the design idea is credit to Duncan Gittins, but the concept is still the same in the "new" generation modelers in JDeveloper 11.

Just to prove we were using JDeveloper in anger here is a nice picture of the Mememto pattern that we drew in class, in this case modelling virtual experimental rats:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ah back from holidays, bat conference, gardening....

A nice relaxing time at the Quinta Da Bella Vista in Funchal, then a bit of gardening and a weekend at the UK National Bat Conference. (Lots of nice high end geeky ecology toys to play with)

Now to delete read the last of the 1k4 odd emails I had in my inbox this morning and then back to bugs. Although it has to be said that me team mates did a very good job indeed of making sure we are on top of things.