Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally Java One is here

So here I am with my body clock in what apparently appears to be in the right time zone sitting in my hotel room just a few blocks away from the Moscone center. A very long day yesterday traveling from Edinburgh after a wedding on Sunday only to fly past again a few hours later on the way over to the US. But for one reason or another I managed to stay up and then wake up at a reasonable time. I suspect I might crash at some point this afternoon.

Presentation appears to be on track, timming have me a taking a couple of minutes more than I have. Generally the 'fear of the stage' will deal with any minor timing overruns. Going to meet up with Manoj my co-presenter today and run through the entire presentation for the first time and possibly the last before we go on stage! Certainly more exciting this way; but I think we are both prepared.

The swag in the JavaOne bag is properly light very little rubbish in there that is non-recyclable which is how it should be. Speakers gift is a wind up tourch which is actually quite good and without a batter which would take up some of the eco-cred. Not yet decided whether this is going to make it back as part of the post-conference pot-latch. Not sure I am going to find time to walk over the the Intercontental to find out what the Alumni gift is.

Lots of public sessions today, although the first interesting technical session is TS-5425 which relates is about JAX-RS which is the restful, possibly evil depending on how you feel about it, twin of the JAX-WS spec. Should be quite interesting as I have be watching this spec grouw over the months. Then later on todat possibly a presentation on Multitouch and Amazon EC2. No SoyLatte presentation though, appears to have been yanked at the last minute. Prehaps rumors of sun taking over apple jdk developement are going to come true. I hope so as the recently released JDK wont run on any of my Intel macs.

Right better get some breaky and get over to the conference. Hoping to meet up with Alex Ruiz today if only to put a name to a face.

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