Saturday, May 10, 2008

Java One 2008, very much over

Still have a few days worth of notes to write up; but java one is closed and the center packed up. My head is full of new stuff, and I am worried someone will ask me to learn something tommorrow and my head will explode! I bought some noise cancelling headphones just in case, not sure if that will help. :-)

In case you are wondering quite a bit of business did get done, I met face-2-face and hopefully made some new friends both in oracle and the soon to be oracle parts of BEA. New directions have been taken with regard to the abbot/costello project, or at least we have an understanding of where we need to take it. And maybe just maybe we made some people think......

I a few hours in SF tommorrow morning, hoping to pop over and see some tall ships in the morning; otherwise it is off to the MOMA for me. Then off to the airport for the slow drag back to blightly.

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