Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Java One 2008, day one, part one

It turns out that American's do infact eat donuts for breakfast, or at least that is what I am going to assume after trying to get something to eat at the conference venue this morning. I decided not to eat at my hotel as I was running late; but most of the breakfast packaging appeared to be made up of Scones, Donuts, Muffins and something made out of chocolate. To my point of view these are thing you ear after the main course.... certainly not for breakfast!

The main topic of JavaOne this year is "Java and you" and the keynote presentations continues these themes. A lot of very cool demos of Java FX, with the new media support this is looking to being a serious competitor to Flash and Flex. They are really going to the rich client. One cool feature they presented was the ability to "tear" off applets from a web page and save if for later web start style. I wonder if they have managed to save client side java from the brink?

Note this is where the curse of the demo'08 starts, and from the demo I have seen this will continue up to at least my presentation tommorrow. After the kindle demo went wrong, every other demo appeared to fail in some way. One FX demo that did work had something like 200 running HD movie traiolers spinning on a 3D globe, they do appears to have solve a lot of performance issues dealing with media and java.

Interesting aside of the new glassfish micro-kernel, much like the BEA one, comes in at around 98k and takes on 1 second to boot. This does mean you can for instance just instance the kernel and basic HTML server technology to create the right combination for an embedded media server. Will be interest to see how this works out.

My first real session of the day was TS-5425 JAX-RS. This was really interesting if only for the elegance of the JAX-RS programming model. I can see this being a very productive enviroment to work in. Will write up some more notes once I have had some time to play with it a little bit more. Not going to be finished until September though and will not contain any client libraries. (Although there is one as part of Jersey)

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Haven't you ever heard the saying, "Life is short, eat dessert first."