Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Providing SOAP / JSON / AMF / .NET / etc services from Java

There is an interesting project over at codehaus called enunciate. It is a maven task that can take a basic bean and publish in a variety of format including -WS SOAP, -RS REST and AMF along with type safe clients for many different platform. (I would strongly argue that the difference between REST-lite and REST would required a major architecture change not possible with this simple transform.)

The AMF version is particularly interesting as it would make providing services for Flash application more straightfoward. There is more on how it was put together with JAX-RS over on dzone.

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thorick said...

nice tip, thanks !

I have trouble understanding the complaint about the 'number of lines of code' that one reader left. He didn't like the POJO getters and setters.. yeah, they're verbose, but it requires no mental energy to ignore them...