Monday, March 2, 2009

Possibly going to JavaOne 2009

We, my self and Manoj, have had a revised version of the Asynchronous Web Service paper we presented last year to be accepted at JavaOne 2009. Got to look at whether I can get travel approval in this economic climate though otherwise Manoj will be presenting on his tod. Hopefully I can get some time to catch up with some friends while I am there.

Busy fixing bugs in JDeveloper at the moment. In case you are interested we have a special song we sing when fixing bugs and it sounds a bit like this. (Requires an install of iTunes, possibly a mac, this might also work.).


Andrejus Baranovskis said...

Thats sounds good, especially for fixing bugs in JDev - we are really looking forward for update release...


Brian Duff said...

If you make it over here, and you happen to have a spare hour or two in your busy schedule (unlikely, I know :)), hope you can come for lunch at the googleplex :)

Alex Ruiz said...

That is really good news!

I'll be going too...I'd love to meet you...this time, the sweets are on me! :)


jambay said...

Wow, listening to that was a mistake, I might never get it out of my head! I have 7 1/2 month old I'm looking forward to year of sticky unforgettable music. I hope your travel gets approved!

Gerard Davison said...


Will have to see about lunch, how far out does the BART go.


Much easier, name a cake shop,

Everybody else,

Really sorry for the Bagpus meme.