Thursday, February 6, 2014

wadl2java 1.6 released

Just an incremental release with a cluster of bug fixes:

  • Upgrade to jsonschema2pojo 0.4.0
  • Fixed bugs where generation would fail due to duplicated class names caused by similar resource names
  • Upgrade Jersey 2-ALPHA deps to 2.5.1 some small changes in the APIs
  • Fix for XSL for correct return on onClick hander, allows better integration with IDE's
  • Interface of MethodNode.getSupportedOutput to support latest WADL model
  • Method parameter were not being shown consistently up the tree when using the XSLT
  • Reserved words were not being escaped when generating the client
  • Non-standard lines in the XSL causing failure on other non oracle transformers
  • WADL XSL now generates expandable / collapsable sections
Most of the work in this release was done by Michael Bachand who recently left Oracle, thanks very much for all of this efforts in this. (And of course Pavel for doing the release for me)

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