Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking on the Spring Extension for JDeveloper

Had some interesting news that our team in the UK is taking over the Spring tooling in JDeveloper. There has been for a long while support for Spring tooling provided as an optional extension written by Duncan Mills. This will be the first time that a team has been able to work on it full time.

Of course don't expect to see anything that is the result of this change until a release after R11 PS1*. We would of course be interested to hear any views and opinions on what lovely** new features that related to Spring integration that users would be interested in.

* Standard disclaimer, this statement shouldn't be taken as a promise that we will ship this feature at any point in the future. Nor does it promise we will ever ship another version of JDeveloper.

** The lovelyness of your new feature may down as well as up


Mike said...

Gerard, will the updated extension make use of the newly release 3.0 version of Spring?

Gerard Davison said...

No only 2.5.6, but should be forwardly compatible. Not something I have tested yet.