Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JavaOne 2009 not going to be very good? Update: maybe.

Now it might be that I have been awake for 20 odd hours, that I couldn't open my laptop because the seat pitch on the plane is too small, and that the weather is much better at home than in California, and there were no nibbles at the JavaOne Pavilion opening part; but I am not 100% sure that JavaOne will be much fun this year.

I spent a good hours walking around the trade stands; but could find nothing really to grab my interest. This is odd as I often have to go back again and again to this room as there is so much going on. The schedule also doesn't seem to grab my attention, normally I can't find time to see all the presentations I want to. This year I find I can take an afternoon of to visit the WLS people and do a bit of use case analysis. Never a good sign.

Now it may be the lack of big players such as IBM and Oracle; but I feel this is going to be a much lower key that in previous years. Now it could be just because of the economic downturn but I have the feeling that Sun is going to throw a party this year but no-one has the heart to bring it... (Actually it might just be the lack of Rob C, Tim G or Jon M to hang around with that makes the difference I guess thinks will seem better when I speak to Manoj in the morning.)

Perhaps I will feel more positive in the morning after I have breathed in what-ever they spray into keynote rooms to get everybody excited.


Well they did something in the keynote, not sure if it was the project, the air of the appearance of Larry; but the JavaOne mood is back again. Phew.

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