Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UKOUG'08: All quiet on the canal front.

So first day at UKOUG'08, just in the speakers loung waiting for the entertainment to start. The main impression of the day is just how quiet it seems compared to last year. Although I can say for sure there were also quite a few more cancellations from speakers. Still those that have made it here seem to be in good spirits.

Our testing presentation went well today, relatively full room and people seem to be really interested in what we had to say. No takers to come and talk to us in the Oracle lounge afterwards, I don't think anybody has taken this up for any of the bg O speakers, but otherwise the feedback was good. One demo failure; but we considered this a sucess when testing so many bits and bobs. We overan a bit but that was because both mysef and Goeff were really quite relaxed and therefore took more time than we really had to talk.

Prep for tommorrows presentation is going well, although we are havig to rely on a machine back in the office for the SOA demo which has some risks. Still should be okay.

Last thing the RittmanMead chaps have been nice enough to leave some beer in the speakers lounge. Unforunately it is a little bit flowery for my liking. See we have a free beer token for the 25th aniversary of UKOUG that starts soon. There is some Jazz laid on and if Susan Duncan had anyting to to with it we should be in for a treat.

Right I hear the ents being anounced....

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