Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paper Accepted for UKOUG'08: "How the Oracle JDeveloper team test JDeveloper"

My learned workmate Geoff Waymark, also know as Geoff the tester, will be joining me for this presentation. We are going to cover our usage of Abbot for Swing testing and Selenium to automate testing of web applications. Expect demos, failed demos*, and fireworks!

See how you can use both tools to test your own applictions, for free.

I am also told I am to have a guest role in a presentation to be given by Susan Duncan; but more on that later!.

* Anybody who has done any automation testing will know that a test watched by a crowd never, ever, runs.


Al Sargent said...

Best of luck with your presentation. How extensively is Oracle using Selenium? I thought Oracle used mostly WinRunner and QuickTest Pro...

Gerard Davison said...


It turns out that WinRunner and QuickTest are kinda expensive tools to use when you start to roll this out to developers. (Before test driven developement only testers would nice a license)

We use Selenium to test ADF components during the build of JDeveloper amoungst other things...


David said...

Hi Gerard,

Any chance you might post this paper?

I've been told there's a problem with testing ADF dialog boxes with Selenium (http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=546043&start=0&tstart=0)

Are you aware of any issues with this?

Thanks, David.

Gerard Davison said...
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Gerard Davison said...


The paper will be on the UKOUG site; but I am not sure it will help in this situation. (We only presented it yeserday so give it a few days.)

I have forwarded on your query to our selenium experts, hopefully then can help you out. (I know most about Abbot rather than Selenuim)


David said...


Georg Neumann has replied on that thread already - he has been successfully testing dialog boxes with Selenium. :-)

One of our guys apparently had encountered some trouble, but we'll check the details, have another look, and post an update on the thread.

Thanks for your help!