Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Setting a watchpoint to monitor the access of a field

Some times you really need to track how a field on a class is used and many a time I am working with somebody else's code and find there are not handy accessors to breakpoint. This might be down to poor code encapsulation, or in the case I came across today I just wanted to know who was using the value in given constant. Find usages would give me the static view; but I wanted to find out when this instance was being used at run-time to narrow my search even more.

Now by JDeveloper lets you set a "watchpoint" on a field that will by default break each and every time that the field is modified. I didn't occur to me until today that it would also allow me to monitor the access of a given field, at least until I was debugging a complex case and thought wouldn't it be nice if..... well it turns out that you simply have to open the breakpoints tab edit the breakpoint:

This will not of course work for scalar or String static final types where the compiler is free to copy the actual value between classes. In that case the debugger will not be able to detect a "read". But in this afternoons debugging session it was a real life saver.

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